Prez-elect Gary Hopper presided over today’s meeting. We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Happy Dollars:

  • Pete was at the horse races in Dallas, and he won 7 out of 10 races!
  • John C. is happy he had a great birthday celebration with his son, and played 9 holes of our new disc golf course. John also got redwood donated for all the signs on the course.
  • Donna is happy to have a solid scholarship review team.
  • Guenter is happy that things are growing in his yard, especially the rhodies!
  • Jeffry went to Rotary Assembly, and happily had a good time! He’s also happy that he got to announce the Vanuatu project at the Assembly, and that Matt is due back from his trip today!
  • Liliana is happy because her garden is blooming!
  • Heather is happy business is booming.
  • John P. is happy Rotary Park is moving right along, and happy that he’s going to visit a high school friend, class of 1949.

Gary reported that the Rotary Assembly was a great event, and encouraged everyone to go next year. It’s a great event, with valuable classes…. Not to be missed! For example he learned that email is three times more effective in recruiting people to your Rotary events than other social media. Facebook is also good. Donna is developing a comprehensive email list.

May 11-12, 2016 the Rotary Friendship Exchange group from India will be here, and we need to find housing for two nights for two couples. There will be a dinner together with the RFE folks and Fort Bragg Rotary as well.

The club’s Board meeting is next Thursday at the Mendocino Hotel at noon. All are welcome to attend. Please bring $20 for lunch.

Sunshine Report:
John P reports that Wilma’s back pain was better for awhile, but the pain has moved to another spot. Beverly (Frank’s wife) is recovering well from her broken leg. John is sending cards and visiting our members in need as he continues in the Sunshine role — let him know if anyone needs our attention.

Rotary Park update:
John P. showed us the survey that was made of Rotary Park. He and the architect will walk the Park to identify problem spots. The Rotary Foundation meeting is Tuesday, May 19, at noon at the Mendocino Hotel. Everyone is welcome!!

Today’s Program:

Presented by Gary, today’s program focused on Casino Night, which will be May 7, 2016.

All club members are to bring a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine, and every member is responsible for two tickets, and one or more raffle prizes. Prizes should be brought to Gary at the Mendosa’s hardware store. Also, please email Gary with your secured prizes, so he can make a list!!

Ask at your local favorite businesses for Raffle prize donations! Tell the businesses that our funds raised to to dictionaries for third graders, student scholarships, Rotary Park, Vanuatu project, shelter boxes, and more!

A sign-up sheet was passed around for event assignments. Our ABC license is taken care of, as are our tickets and brochures. Our gambling license is paid for as well. We’ll need greeters, cashiers, liquor servers, and more.

Raffle tickets and drinks will beĀ $5, water is free.

Decorations are needed. It was suggested that we hang all our Rotary flags around the room. Monte Carlo is the theme — think James Bond, tuxedoes and feather boas.

Donna is having a perpetual trophy made that will be presented to the overall winner each year.

Sean’s in charge of advertising, and will do newspaper, radio and Chamber of Commerce calendar.

Sean will also talk to Harvest to order food, and we need someone to oversee the kitchen operations and servers throughout the event. Interact students will pass around finger foods.

Gary talked to prez-elect of the FB Rotary club, who will promote the event there.

Table sponsorship costs $250, and you get two free tickets!

Sean played a radio ad he produced for Casino Night, which is playing on KUKI and The Skunk.

Today’s Raffle Winners: Harold and Kira.