Judy Leach and Paul Kulas gave one of the best presentations of the year, on the Hospital and its future. We are so lucky to have such leadership. Their talk focussed on changes in the hospital as Adventist Health took over services, on the edge of the covid-19 pandemic of course, and improvements in the volume of services offered as well as the improvements in quality and safety. Judy noted that hospitals nationwide had suffered from an exodus of medical professionals, and from a difficult financial environment under which costs had risen rapidly. In this environment the focus of the hospital was to expand primary care, provide top quality and safe services, recruit and retain staff and keep the medical care of most of us local. Amongst others, the the clinic had expanded from 25,000 patient visits in 2024 to 38,000 in 2023 and probably more this year, while the hospital had established two operating rooms for 3 general surgeons and recently undergone an evaluation of 900 medical processes without a single major deficiency. We talked about the future, including the necessity of providing suitable seismic protection, by 2030, and of establishing a sustainable financial basis for the delivery of services.