Next Week: There will be no regular club meeting. Instead, our Board is meeting at noon — all are welcome!

Prez Jody opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Guests: Michael Fox, Blair Foster, Kira Wojack from the Mendocino Film Festival; and Amy Wall.

Sunshine Report:
Wilma continues to improve, reports John P. We hope to see her back here again soon!!

Happy Dollars:
– Pete is happy that a recent event at Hill House was great.
– Brandt is happy that tax season is ending!
– Jody is happy to have relocated his grandparents to Fort Bragg.
– Jerry is happy he and his wife celebrated her birthday in Monterey last week.
– Richard is happy about his daughter’s recent game.
– John is happy for his club anniversary.

Next Thursday, 4/28/26, is our Board meeting noon at the Mendocino Hotel. There will be no regular club meeting.

Casino Night is in 15 days on May 7.  Get your prizes to Gary!! Reminder: everyone is responsible to sell two tickets, donate two bottles of wine and a raffle prize (at least a $25 value).

Jerry told us about the Rotary Foundation’s recent meeting, during which there was a great presentation on Rotary Park design by Debbie Lennox. We’re on Plan A, next month we’ll see Plan B… We need to figure out what the club wants to do in the park on July 4.

Jeffry announced that Matt is back from Vanuatu! We will hear details about his trip soon. We can donate to the project via a New Zealand organization. Photos are up on our Facebook page.

Today’s Program:

Jerry introduced our speaker today, the Director of the Mendocino Film Festival (MFF), Michael Fox. He was joined by colleagues Blair and Kira. But first, Jerry played Finemaster and collected money while enlightening us with the following facts:

  • MFF started in 2006
  • Mendo, Philo, FB, Willits, Pt Arena are its screening venues this year
  • About 5600 tickets are sold to MFF activities each year
  • East of Eden was filmed locally in 1954
  • Same Time Next Year was filmed locally in 1978
  • The Russians are Coming was filmed locally in 1965
  • The first film shot in Mendocino County was shot in 1904; it was The Sequoia Semper Virens (?)
  • In the 5 locations, there are 7 venues where films will be shown
  • There will be 66 films shown in this year’s festival
  • Of the 66 films, 3 were Oscar nominees

On April 30 from 10-2, you can go sign up to volunteer to participate in this year’s Film Festival.

Michael told us that he’s proud to be in the Mendocino Film Festival’s 11th year. The theme this year for the opening night party is Mendocino, I Love You.

You can serve on the MFF Board along with Michael’s colleagues Blair and Kira. MFF is very involved in local film making, and helps produce films made by locals.

Blair introduced the educational component of MFF. They work with the high school in film making, house managing, and event support. The 96-hour film project winner will be announced at the festival. They produce 3 screenings either free or low-cost for high school students. Joan and Jeff Stanford are big supporters of the MFF educational track. We saw the trailers for the 3 films in the education track.

Three films from the Willits track were shown as well, featuring Johnny Cash, songbirds, and a dark horse.

Three trailers of films from the music track were shown, which MFF presents in partnership with the Mendocino Music Festival.

Kira introduced the international/adventure track. Seven of the 9 short films are international; all have to do with people striving to be their best selves.

Today’s Raffle Winners: Richard and Jeffry.