Prez Jody opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thought for the Day: “May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back…”

Guest: Amy Wall, aesthetician in Little River.

Happy Dollars:
– Jeffry is happy that Matt will be heading to Vanuatu next Wednesday to work on our international project.
– Richard is happy to be back from 6 wonderful weeks in Baja.
– Susan dittoes that…
– Guenter is happy that Sandy and he spent a week in Palm Desert.
– Sean is happy that thanks to the Mendo Rotary Club and Casino Night, he and his family leave to Hawaii for 8 days next week.
– Heather is happy, just because

Sunshine Report:
John P spoke to Wilma last night, and she is feeling better for the moment in terms of her back pain. We hope she can rejoin us soon!

Our Club’s Board meeting is next week, Thursday at noon at the Mendocino Hotel. Please join us and bring $20 for lunch.

District Assembly is in Ukiah on April 9.

Casino Night is May 7. Collect your prizes, table sponsorships and wine for the event!

Our Easter Egg Hunt is Sunday, March 27 at Rotary Park in Mendocino. Jerry shared the list of who’s bringing eggs to the Park for the Interact Club members to hide the eggs. Please bring the colored hard boiled eggs to the park by 10:30 a.m. on the day of the hunt. We need volunteers to help clean-up after the event too! Contact Jerry, or just show up, to help. He’s sent fliers through all the schools, some parent groups, and there will be an ad in the paper too.

Today’s Program:
Jody presented the State of the Club today. He shared the Financial Income and Expense statement, and went through the details and fielded questions. $32000 total income this year, and our expenses for meetings, social events, activities (such as scholarships, international projects, etc.) and fundraisers were $32000 — we had a small $89 deficit. So we’re very close to breaking even.

Our activities include giving dictionaries to all 3rd graders in the District, high school student scholarships, sponsoring the Interact Club, sending two young adults to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy), funding disaster relief (this year to the Lake County Fire Fund, and rebuilding a school in Vanuatu), fighting polio (our club raised over $3000 for Polio Plus this year, which will vaccinate 15,000 children), and we bought a park (Rick Sachs just donated two signs for the Rotary Park)!

Dean presented a video featuring the Shelter Box program through Rotary. He put the program into the context of the Rotary Foundation and the international work of Rotary International. Shelter Box was established in 2000, and 95 countries have received aid from Shelter Box since then. Shelter Box deploys teams as soon as more than 200 families or more have been displaced by disaster. A Shelter Box includes a tent, cooking supplies, tools, and even coloring books for kids.

Shelter Box is Rotary’s only official project partner, as it was a Rotarian who started Shelter Box. Our club raised funds to purchase four Shelter Boxes for earthquake relief in Nepal.

Today’s Raffle Winners: Gary and guest Amy.