The meeting opened at 12:15 with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by this Thought for the Day:
Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.

Attendance was bountiful, with visiting Rotarians Ruth Sparks from Ft Bragg club, and Kurt Teichmann from Lafayette. Ruth explained that she has joined Ft Bragg in order to help the majority of youth in our area develop better reading skills, while Joe assured us that he is staying in our club. Guests included Betty Cottle, Beverly Engelhard, Shirley Watson, and our speaker Kevin Miller MD.

There were many Happy Dollars and a positive Sunshine Report, with all good news on the health front. Wilma was then awarded Rotarian of the Month for her exceptional volunteer spirit, not only for the Sunshine Report, but for sending get well cards, helping Membership by seeking out new members to discover their strengths and gifts, and also for being club Thank You Queen sending those all important cards to donors and sponsors. She received a glass pin, hand crafted by Betty Cottle, who is graciously making all of the Rotarian of the Month pins.

Kevin Miller, M.D.

Kevin Miller, M.D.

President John thanked all club members for joining committees, but noted a need for a Club Historian and someone to update our Bylaws. He was pleasantly surprised by Harold Hauck and Pam Hudson, respectively.

Our speaker, Kevin Miller MD was introduced by Bruce Lewis. Dr Miller is our new ophthalmologist, in a newly furnished office just west of the hospital in Ft Bragg. His wife, Kelly, is expecting their first child next month, and their friend Stacey were present with him. Dr Lewis has the heart of a Rotarian, having spent more than two years in Tanzania providing surgical services and helping local providers improve their skills. The raffle was won by Marietta Coyle, who drew the Joker and will split the $234 with Father Lou since neither knew whose ticket was whose!

President John adjourned the meeting at 1:15, reminding all members that wherever you go, whatever you do, Leave It Better Than You Found It!