Kevin Miller, M.D.

Kevin Miller, M.D.

The fact that Kevin Miller, M.D., is the new — and only — ophthalmologist on the Mendocino Coast should be of great interest to members this week.

While Miller will discuss his new practice at North Coast Family Health Center in Fort Bragg, his primary focus will be on his medical practice in Africa the last few years. He may not be a Rotarian (yet), but has lived like one.

Also, here are notes from last week’s meeting. Thanks Lindsay Shield for filling in while Heather is away.

Rotary Meeting Notes for Thursday, July 24, 2014

The July 24th meeting was called to order at 12:15pm by President John
Cottle who shared his thought for the day:

Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get
if you don’t.

– Pete Seeger

Today’s Guests included: Jay LeBlanc from Surfwood, Doug Moody from
Northcoast Brewing Company and Dr. Tayeb Al-Hafez from Mendocino Coast
District Hospital.

Happy Dollars were abounding, it was Gunter’s birthday, Joe Sparks
wife Ruth’s birthday and Wilma noted for her Sunshine Report that all
are getting on well and everyone is doing beautifully.

President Cottle reminded board members of the July 26th meeting at
his home. He also commented that the Chamber had thanked the club for
supporting the annual 4th of July parade with a $300 contribution. He
noted that there were excellent articles in this month’s Rotary
Magazine that all should read.

Jennifer announced that all was moving forward with the August 16th
Golf Fundraiser and that she just needs a few more hole sponsors and
raffle items. Tee prizes have been done. We could use more raffle
prizes. Jennifer was praised for her excellent job.

A Mendocino Rotary Foundation report that included a
meeting with Board Members, and Supervisor Dan Hamburg where
discussed transferring the ownership of Rotary Park to the county.
Rotary would still do the day-to-day running of the park and basic
maintenance. Members had questions as to why the park was being given
to the county, and Tom stated that Mendocino Rotary was never
intending to hold the property. We could have an MOU with the
county, and it would be recorded in the title papers that the park can
never be built on commercially.

The Board noted that the path has to be made ADA accessible. John
offered to hold a meeting regarding Rotary Park for all who wish more
information and/or discussion.

  • Susan Keller was welcomed into Mendocino Rotary as a new member.
  • Liliana Cunha was welcomed by Kevin Williams as his first Paul Harris Fellow of the year. Congratulations to Susan and Liliana!
  • Bruce Lewis related his recent vacation stops at Rotary Clubs on
  • Whidbey Island, Washington.
  • Jody introduced speaker Doug Moody, a partner at
  • Northcoast Brewing Company. Doug donated three $100 beer certificates which were promptly captured by Jennifer Bosma as Golf Tournament raffle prizes.
  • No one won the cash in the latest card drawing.