Next week: TBA.

President John Cottle opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Gary shared the Thought For the Day: “Do Something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do something else.” – FDR

Our guests today were 

  • Randy Gardner
  • Greg Braden
  • Judge Brennan

Happy Dollars

  • Matt is happy about his recent trip to Mt. Shasta!
  • Kevin happily reported on his recent three-week trip to France, specifically Paris and Normandy.
  • Jamie – happy to be back!  (We are very glad to have you back, Jamie!)
  • John P. – happy to be done with his root canals.  Ouch!
  • Kathleen – family was here for the 4th of July, and a good time was had by all.
  • Gary – giving a happy dollar for Pete, who can’t afford a happy dollar due to the last poker game…
  • Jerry – their recent trip to Ireland was great!  But we have to start calling him ‘Captain Jerry’ now.
  • Pete – can so afford a happy dollar! He’s happy about his upcoming cruises to Alaska and New Zealand.
  • John C. – happy about the success of the 4th of July parade and fundraiser, and about the safer trees in Rotary Park that had some dangerous limbs removed.

Sunshine Report

  • Wilma spoke for all when she said we’re glad to have Jamie back!
  • Ruth S. is doing better with a knee brace.
  • John T.’s back surgery was a success!
  • Julie M. is doing better, with no arm pain any longer.

Fourth of July Fundraiser Report

Bonnie reported that it looks like our 4th of July BBQ raised between $1400-1600 — surpassing last year’s profit of about $900. Great job!!  Special thanks were given to the following people: Harvest Market, Tom Honer, Jennifer, Tim and Amada Bosma, the Mendocino Fire Station Crew, John and Betty Cottle, Ray Alarcon, Harold Hauck, Gary Hopper, “Captain” Jerry Karabensh, Sean Leland, Bruce and Gerry Lewis, John and Janis Porter, Guenter Riegler, Pete Rose, Donna Schuler, Brandt Stickel, Dean Watson, Walt McKeown, and of course to the Committee Chair Bonnie Kintner!

The parade float worked well, and helped increase visibility of the Rotary Park project. The wide selection of food items at the BBQ were made possible (as well as more comfortable to prepare) by the use of Harvest Market’s wood pellet BBQ. Next year, we’ll do more pulled pork and hot dogs, as those were the most popular items.  The games set up at Rotary Park did not work so well, as they were overwhelmed by the other goings-on.  Music would be nice to have at the park next year (booking a band would have to be done far in advance).  Next year, the 4th of July parade will be on the same day as the Salmon BBQ in Fort Bragg, so it would be wise to plan for a change in attendance.  Planning for the event next year will start 4 months in advance.


Kira is helping with the golf tournament fundraiser, which will be on August 16. Please give details to Kira or Jennifer if you know of any potential golf teams, and they will send a personal invitation to them.

T-shirts were delivered today!  They are bright blue with an attractive Rotary Park logo on the front, with “Rotarian At Work” on the back. Short-sleeved t-shirts are $22, and the long-sleeved version is $27.  Let John C. know if you’d like to order one!

Our Program for Today was…. Pictionary! Led by Jody, the tables competed fiercely to draw and decipher common idioms, tapping into and challenging the creative side of our brains.  Turns out we have some great and unexpected artistic talent in our ranks!

Raffle winners today were guest Randy Gardner and Travis Swithenbank.  Neither drew the joker, so the pot continues to grow and stands at $175!!  See you next week for your chance to win!