Next week: The Collective Wisdom of Mendocino Rotary, Part 1: Career transitions, an interactive presentation by Heather Paulsen and Kevin Williams.

This week’s meeting was called to order by President John Cottle.

Thoughts for the Day (there were several today!):

  1. The Russians Are Coming! “See this movie,” recommended Jody Stickel.
  2. The Graduate. “See this theater production,” recommended Pete Rose.
  3. Robert Frost said, “By working 8 hours a day faithfully, you may eventually get to be boss and work 12 hours a day!”
Joe Sparks introduces his wife, Ruth.

Joe Sparks introduces his wife, Ruth.

We had one visiting Rotarian today: Ruth Sparks.






Happy Dollars

  • Pete is happy that he won big at poker last week!
  • Jeffrey is happy to report that his 7-week vacation with family in Bali was fantastic, and he’s happy to be home.
  • Liliana is happy that she had Internet service throughout our recent outage!
  • Brandt spent two happy weeks with his wife in England.
  • Kevin was happy that the Internet and phones were down – a nice break!
  • Heather had a happy two-week family reunion trip to Ontario, Canada!
  • John C is happy to not have to do The View anymore (Heather’s back), and at a recent conference in Texas, the temps stayed below a happy 70 degrees!
Happy Liliana!

Happy Liliana!

Happy Brandt!

Happy Brandt!

Happy Jeffrey!

Happy Jeffrey!


Wilma gives the Sunshine Report.

Wilma gives the Sunshine Report.

Sunshine Report

Wilma Tucker reported that John T. had his post-op exam and is recovering well. He’s been cleared to start physical therapy!



  • Hole sponsors ($50) are still needed for the Aug. 16 Golf Tournament. Volunteers, too (e-mail Jennifer to find out what role is yours!). Susan Weaver, our former Rotarian who now lives in Maine, sent specialty mustards from her new home region as a raffle prize! Way to stay involved, Susan!
  • Board Meetings will be the 2nd Monday of the month at the Mendocino Hotel at noon. This month’s meeting, however, will be the 3rd Monday, on 8/18/14.
  • We are invited to join Fort Bragg Rotary at their picnic on 8/23/14; RSVPs are required. Contact Prez John to find out how to RSVP, and what type of dish to bring to the picnic (appetizer or dessert).
  • The Flynn Creek Circus is performing 6 times this weekend under the big top in Friendship Park.
  • Winesong, the Hospital Foundation’s prime fundraiser for our hospital, is on Sept. 6, and needs volunteers! Please contact Jamie at 961-4924.
  • A discussion was started about RSVPing if members are unable to attend our weekly meetings, since attendance varies a lot and sometimes we have too much or too little food. The Board will continue this discussion; please attend the Board meeting if you wish to share your ideas on this matter.


Today’s Program

Our presenter for the day, Jody Stickel.  "Are you excited?"

Our presenter for the day, Jody Stickel. “Are you excited?”

Jody Stickel, a commercial lending officer for the Savings Bank of Mendocino County, provided an overview of the Bank’s 111-year history and how it has served our community. Here are some highlights from Jody’s presentation:

  • The Savings Bank of Mendocino County was founded in 1903. The Fort Bragg branch opened in 1970, and Mendocino’s branch opened in 1977.
  • The Bank has about $960 million in assets, and 300 employees.
  • Savings Bank is in the top 5% of community banks nationwide in terms of its equity position.
  • Jody explained the Federal Reserve policy, and reviewed the Bank’s Statement of Conditions – hey, it was more exciting than you’d think! I learned, for example, why a bank’s deposits are considered liabilities rather than assets, and how banks loan money to each other at the end of each day.
  • Savings Bank needs to make more loans. There are three types: installment loans, mortgage loans, and commercial loans (with the latter being the “bread and butter” for the bank).

Raffle winners were: Jeffrey, and Jody, neither of whom drew a joker… 🙁