Next week: John Bettencourt will be our speaker, and will share information regarding wheelchair making.

This week the Mendocino Interact Club joined us.  President Kiera Poehlmann did a marvelous job leading our meeting.

Our guests included:

– Judge Brennan, guest of Brandt Stickel

– Liz Newkirk, guidance counselor at Mendocino High School

Serena Acker, MHS Spanish teacher and next year's Interact advisor. That's Liz Newkirk behind her.

– Gail Dickenson, Principal at MHS

– Serena Acker, past president of Interact, and now a Spanish teacher at MHS

– Interact Club members: Kelly Nordahl, Annabelle Carpenter, Libby Claybrook, Yaa Amissah Aidoo, Isla Bowery, Jin Jackson, Victor Hollister, Melia Poehlmann, Amaya Garcia, Tavi Hillesland, Nathan Van Horn, Muriel Shattuck, Chaia Leventhal, Tessa Dickson, Kaiyana Aldrich, and Erin Thomas.

Jin Jackson collects happy dollars, while Interact President Kiera Poehlmann presides.

Happy Dollars!

Kira: happy that she had a wonderful 2 week vacation!

Donna: happy to share with us several thank-you letters from the 3rd graders who received dictionaries from our club.

Dean: his wife had a good follow-up appointment at Stanford, and they survived the commuter traffic coming home!

Bruce: ecstatic that he is officially entering retirement tomorrow!!  Congrats, Bruce!

John C: happy that Bruce has started the Club’s new fundraising committee.

Pete: happy that Gary will be a year older next week…

Brandt: happy that Judge Brennan has joined us for our meeting, and also happy to have family visiting.

Jennifer: one daughter sang in the talent show, and the other daughter lettered in swimming. Way to go!

Kathleen: had the chance to fly with her pilot daughter recently.

Lindsay: happy to see young people in our meeting! Also, the Art Center’s garden tour and chocolate, wine and ale events were successful; and happy that they are starting a student summer art program.


Kathleen Rzeplinski shares our Club's Green Award from the Rotary District conference.

Jodi announced that Douna Dooley is looking for volunteers for the Mendocino High School’s Sober Grad night on June 13.  Donna volunteered, brave woman!

Kathleen shared the Award that she collected for us during the Rotary District conference — we were acknowledged for a Green Award for our Rotary Park project.  Hooray for us!!

Dean has new member packets ready — please contact him if you did not receive one.

Jennifer says she needs help gathering prizes for the golf tournament — it’s never too early to get this done!  We already have 8 teams signed up, and the tourney is in August!  Great job organizing, Jennifer!!

John C. announced that the Albion Fire Department needs volunteers for its fundraising event on July 12.

Our Program:

President Keira updated us on the Interact Club’s fundraising efforts for a hospital in Brazil.  So far they have raised $2,000, and they will host another fundraising event in October to meet their total goal of $4,000.  This is a great project, and worthy of support, so mark your calendars for the October event!

Interact has also been working locally on a project with the Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County, making baskets for cancer patients.  Another terrific project, with great impact on our local community. Keep up the good work, Interactors!

Melia Poehlmann reads a dictionary thank-you letter from a local 3rd grader.

Several Interact members read thank-you letters from the young students who received dictionaries from Mendocino Rotary this year — these were fun to hear!  The letter-readers had received dictionaries through our program back when they were in elementary school…

For our entertainment during the meeting, each Interact member (and the advisors!) had written down where they thought they’d be in 10 years’ time.  Rotarians had fun guessing which Interactor had made which plans…

Thank you, Mendocino Interact Club, for sharing your time, energies and talents with us!  We always enjoy having you join us at our meetings.

The Interact Club from Mendocino High School.