Prez Donna opened with the Pledge. We sang a bit of Joy to the World (and the deep blue sea, Joy to you and me!)


Guest: Kim Humrichhouse, Principal of the Mendocino K8 School, and our speaker today.


Sunshine Report:

John C says that Wilma is doing much better, and is at home with great home health help, and is graduating from a walker to a cane. Yay Wilma!



  • Harold’s wife Annie, Heather and her husband Reid, and Guenter all celebrated birthdays in July!


Donna recognized Jerry Karabensh as Rotarian of the Month for July. Thanks for all you do for us, Jerry!


Happy Dollars:

  • Pete – was in Dallas for two weeks and it was soooo hot he’s glad to be back!
  • Dean – happy that his family visit was great.
  • John C – is happy that he is getting lots of donations for his upcoming Pedal for Polio ride – go John!
  • Harold – their grandson has been with them for a few weeks, and is working on assembling the orca whale skeleton at the old Rec Center in Fort Bragg. The visit has been wonderful.
  • Sean – happy that he had a great family vacation at Donner Lake!
  • Gary – happy that John’s doing the Pedal for Polio ride.
  • Heather – has recently gotten 3 more companies certified as B Corps!
  • Matt – his trip to Vanuatu is coming up, and he and Jeff will do our meeting next week in Rotary Park during which they’ll talk in depth about our project in Vanuatu


Donna presented a slide show about Rotary International’s new President Ian Riseley. Our theme: Rotary, Making a Difference. Our priorities: support and strengthen the club, focus and increase service, and enhance public image and awareness. Plant a tree for every Rotarian this year (Heather and Reid planted a new tree in their yard last night! One down, 28 to go…).

Our District theme this year is “Where Dreams Take Flight”.


Upcoming Club Events:

Aug. 10, first off-site meeting at Rotary Park, noon.

Aug. 15, Mendocino Rotary Foundation Board meeting

Aug. 13-19, John’s Polio Plus Pedal for Polio ride

Aug. 23, Matt leaves for Vanuatu!

Aug. 24, Rotary Board meeting

Aug. 26, our Golf Tournament!!


Harold passed around draft copy of our 2017-2018 Member Handbook. Review your entry and give him any corrections. He’ll go to print next week.


Harold thanked the club for helping volunteer with the Mendocino Childrens Fund last Monday. John C volunteered to help 9am this Friday.


Donna reminded us that we need to get hole sponsors and raffle donations for our Golf Tournament.


Today’s Program:

Kim Humrichhouse from the Mendocino K-8 school. John Porter served as Finemaster, during which time we learned there are 290 students in the school, and much more.


Kim grew up in Pleasanton and went to Humboldt State, then got her Masters Degree in Education from Dominican University. She has been in our District 14 years, when she started teaching PE. This is her 6th year as site administrator and Principal of two K-3 schools in Comptche and Albion.


She thanked us for donating $500 to the Lead Guitar program in school, as it allowed them to re-introduce music into the schools. Kids don’t seem interested in band these days, so the Lead Guitar program is an attractive alternative. Last year participating students did several performances.


Kim talked about several innovative things they’ve done with the kids: a cooking class, a robotics class, a yoga and meditation class, and mentoring between older and younger students, survival skills, art, chorus and chamber singers, birds and botany, natural history, sign language, intro to spanish, student council…


Building a positive supportive community is a huge priority for them. Seven graduates have come back to work at the school… proof of a great community!


This year they are adopting a new name and mascot: Mendocino K-8 School, and the Mountain Lions.


With staff this year, they are doing a year-long book study on a book about neuroscience and learning, The Education Revolution.


She asked that we continue our Dictionaries for 3rd Graders program, and will think about what needs we may support this year.


A Rare Opportunity!

Donna brought in a homemade blueberry pie to raise funds for polio. The auction went to Ray for $50!!!!


Today’s Raffle Winner:

Heather, who chose the pink wine! 🙂