Prez Donna opened today’s meeting in Rotary Park.


Thought of the Day

From Kareem Abdul Jabbar: “A good work ethic trumps lazy talent every time.”


Sunshine Report

John C tells us that Wilma is doing better all the time. She’s using a cane, and is in very good spirits.


Happy Dollars:

  • Everyone is happy that we’re having a picnic in the park!
  • John C happy that he’s gotten a great response for Pedal for Polio
  • Donna is happy that Sean’s wife is doing vocational education
  • Sean is happy to have a second income
  • John P is happy to be here!



Harold reminds everyone that dues are due!


Dean announced a Sept 4 float in the Paul Bunyan Days parade with the Rotary float — headed by FB Rotary. John C, Donna, Pete, and Dean will ride with the float. Gary to join them too, and Susan and Richard. T-shirts will be provided!


District Governor is here Sept 20 and 21. Joint dinner with FB Rotary Board and Mendocino Rotary Board, most likely at Point Noyo. DG will meet with our club on Sept 21.


Please complete you member survey — both parts — and return it to Donna!


John C updated us on his Pedal for Polio fundraising. He’s closing in on $3000 in donations!


Grants applications are due soon……


Golf Tournament update:

Jody has sent out spreadsheets of solicitations for sponsors for holes. 8 to 9 teams have signed up so far. We need more teams to sign — up to 16 teams can sign up. Rotarians now need to follow up for teams and sponsors.


Volunteer sign ups: BBQ at clubhouse will be the main food. On hole 4, shrimp on a BBQ, with 2 volunteers needed from 9-12 and 12-3. Also needed for hole 6.



Set up and bartender Bloody Mary bar 2 people:

Registrations, 2 people: Harold and Donna and Jerry (to sell mulligans and raffle tix)

Put out hole sponsor signs: Pete and Gary


Heather to make the hole sponsor signs (consult with Kira)



Sausage station at Clubhouse: Susan and Richard 12-3; and Dean and Brandt 9-12.

BBQ on hole __: 9-12 Matt; 12-3 Heather — biscuits and salsa?

BBQ on hole __: Skaggs guy?

Refreshment cart: Ray

Food pick up 6am: Matt

Dessert bar: tbd


Raffle announcer: needed


Next week’s program: Harold


Today’s Program

Rotary Park update

Meeting Monday with MHRB, Jerry and Matt. Debbie gave them each a copy of our plans. Informal presentation. They’ll continue to have 1-to-1 meetings with Board meetings. 8/15/17 Board meeting for Mendocino Rotary Foundation. Election of new Board members and officers. We are “improving” the park, not “developing” it. We may trim the trees again this year.


International Committee update. Matt leaves a week from Thursday for 3 weeks to work on the water project. Jeff sent out a very nice report about our Vanuatu project.


Today’s Raffle Winner

Prize is today’s pot of $31 (half of which goes to the Club): Guenter.