Prez Donna opened our meeting with the pledge, and a rousing rendition of God Bless America led by John Porter.


Guest: Autumn Gillen


Happy Dollars:

  • Jerry is happy that his son’s alma mater is honoring his son as one of their top 80 graduates ever!
  • Gary is happy to pay for his losing golf game
  • Pete is happy to see Kira back here today
  • Donna is happy about club service
  • Dean is happy that the Dodgers are kickin’ butt!
  • Guenter is happy to share photos of the orca whale skeleton being put together in Fort Bragg’s City Hall
  • Matt is happy that the orca is now at the Starr Center
  • Harold is happy that his grandson helped put the skeleton together during a summer internship
  • Sean is happy that school is back in session!


Member handbooks are done and handed out to everyone today.


Copies of the member survey are still requested….. copies available.


During the District Governor’s visit, we will have a joint dinner with the Fort Bragg club at Pt. Noyo on Sept. 20. All are welcome; RSVP with Donna.


Labor Day Parade, we will do a float jointly with the Fort Bragg club to raise awareness and funds for Polio Plus.


Golf tournament update:

Jody said that we have 12 teams so far with a few more pending. Assignments are on the spreadsheet…. Heather will do hole sponsor signs. We have lots of raffle prizes, which will help us sell raffle tickets. Case of Greenwood Ridge Pinot and a 2-night stay at Pt Cabrillo were offered as prizes today. Also a case of Navarro wine… John Porter gathered almost $4000 in hole sponsors!!! Wow. Jerry will do another 50/50 Raffle, and we can buy tickets at $20 each, or 3 for $50, in which the proceeds are split between the club and the winner.


We discussed having our first evening meeting in October.


Gary announced that we will soon plan our next highway cleanup.


Today’s Program

Harold gave us a great presentation about the solar eclipse that will happen this coming Monday. During his finemaster session we learned:

  • There are three types of solar eclipses on our planet
  • The three types are total, partial, and annular
  • The geometric shape of the moon’s orbit is elliptical
  • The apogee is the point where the moon is furthest from the earth
  • The perigee is the point where the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth
  • A solar annular eclipse occurs when the moon is at its apogee
  • The eclipse we’re going to see from Mendocino is going to be partial


Harold shared photos of all the eclipse types, and maps of the path of totality. Mendocino is at about 80% of totality, starting at about 9am, with max eclipse at 10:13am, ending at 11:35am.


Don’t look directly at it! You risk blindness. Wear eclipse glasses or a welder’s mask. Or, you can build a Solar Projection Box…put a piece of white paper in the base of a cereal box, cut two holes in the box top 1-2 inches wide; cover one hole with foil and poke a hole in the middle with a nail. Watch the eclipse in the box bottom with the sun behind you. Harold auctioned off two pairs of eclipse glasses for $30. has a ton of additional information about eclipses. There are studies being done during this eclipse on the effects on plants and animals. NASA has the mega movie project to coordinate photos from across the country.


Today’s Raffle Winners:

Heather, who picked the pink wine.