Next week: Sean will bring a speaker from PALS (Police Activities League).

President Jody Stickels opened our meeting today with the Pledge of Allegiance and a song.

Thought for the Day: “We spend the first 18 months of our kids’ lives teaching them to walk and talk, and the next 17 years telling them to shut up.” -Pete Rose

Visiting Rotarian and AG: Doug Hammerstrom from Fort Bragg Rotary.

Happy Dollars:
– John C. is extremely happy to be Past President!
– Pete is happy that his daughter and son-in-law are coming to visit.
– Gary is very happy that Heather’s now doing his job as club secretary.
– Susan is happy that Richard Green will be joining Rotary!
– Dean is happy for a very memorable debunking, and for the amazing talents of the Rotary Players, led by Donna!

Sunshine Report:
Everyone in the club is well and happy, as far as Wilma knows.

Golf Tournament: hole sponsors needed, plus raffle prize with $25 or greater value (such as wine, tequila…). This is our last fundraiser for our club this calendar year. Get as many hole sponsors as possible, at $50 each. August 22.

Kathleen announced that the Rotary Foundation: Jack and Chatter Bishoff had fund at Community Foundation — eligible for up to $1000/year that we need to apply for. Through another source, we’ll be eligible for funding from another endowment from the Bishoffs. They will continue to help many, many local org’s over the upcoming years… very generous of them! We received a card from her son Tom, thanking us for our support at her passing. Celebration of her life will be held August 1.

Jerry announced that our 4th of July FUNraiser at Rotary Park — scrips for $2 for Frankie’s ice cream, flags, candy bars. 10am Saturday morning, please come out and participate in the FUN!

John C. announced that we’ll need at least 2 volunteers to sit at the Music Festival 16th and 23rd, 24th and some afternoon concerts are available. Free ticket for volunteering. Sign up with John C.

Wilma receives award from PP PJ.

Wilma receives award from PP PJ.

Lindsay reminds everyone that the Boonville Big Band will be at Art Center 1-5 pm on July 5.

Savings Bank will have free hot dogs chips and soda on July 3, at both local branch offices.

Sean receives award from Past Prez John.

Sean receives award from Past Prez John.

John presented a Presidential Citation award to Wilma for all her support to John as he was President last year. Joe S. nominated Wilma to become our poet laureate for the club. John also presented an award to Sean for an excellent job as Club Services chair.

Today’s Program:
Jody presented the State of the Club at this, his first meeting serving as President. If you plant an acorn, it will only grow as big as the size pot it is put in. We are the same… we grow when we hang out in a pot with lots of room/resources.  When we hang out at Rotary, we hang out with two astrophysicists, physicians, doctors, attorneys, judges, and more — this help us be bigger than we are alone.

This year’s theme is Be a Gift to the World. We represent the Rotary Club every day in our lives, when we deal with the small people who make our world more livable for us. So be nice to all of them, they are on the same journey that we are. Be nice to everyone inside the Club; be patient with our differences of opinion…

Today’s program will be short on purpose, so that we have extra time to hang out with the friends in our Club that we came to be with.

Our new Board’s first meeting was on Monday, 6/29. It was a great meeting, and we have a fun year planned. The biggest idea being discussed is to change our club to a 2 day/month club (meeting only the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month); Jody will see if this is something that the District will allow, and he’ll bring it back to general membership next week, with a vote the following week. This is being considered along with a proposal to raise our weekly meal price to $25/week. Both of these ideas, if approved, would be trailed on a 6-month basis. This could help us raise membership, and then help us get back to $20/meeting (which would require a weekly attendance of 23-24 members).

We have an open motion on the floor from a previous meeting to raise our weekly meeting cost to $25 from $20, on a trial basis for 6 months. Discussion ensued. We considered raising the missed meeting fine to $10. We could think of doing one meeting/month as a potluck. An increase in membership and attendance will help us most of all. Susan suggested that we do a voluntary fundraising to the administrative fund to cover the shortfall. Susan and Pete volunteered to give $100 each, followed by several other members. We raised $720 for the admin fund today!

We amended the open motion to change the trial period to 3 months for raising the price to $25/meeting, starting next meeting. After 3 months, financials will be reviewed by the club, and other cost-saving measures will be implemented in the meantime to help with our funding shortfall. The motion passed.

We do have an option to pre-pay our fines — pay $100 for the year, and you can skip paying per-meeting fines.

Our big push this year is retaining members, bringing in new members, and inviting back those who have left our club.

Each committee chair will be looking for members to commit to serve on their committees before our next Board meeting, which will be the 3rd week in July (on July 20). Heather is updating our club database with birthdays and anniversaries (club and wedding) for fines and celebration, and will track meeting attendance there as well. Weekly reports can then be generated for our President. Appreciation for this effort was shared. Erich was applauded also for switching from honorary to active status to serve on this year’s Board.

Yearly member dues are due now ($240/year); Harold will provide invoices next week.

Raffle: Pete won $20 in this week’s raffle, and gave it back to the admin fund.