Jerry Karabensh, Humane Society President speaks to Mendocino Rotary Club. Photo by Guenter Riegler.

Next Meeting: Tim Bosma on “Odyssey of the Mind” noon, Thursday, March 13

Report from the March 6 meeting:  The good news from Humane Society President Jerry Karabensh, who is also a Mendocino Rotarian: 498 animal lives were saved in 2013.

Of those, there were 409 adoptions, including 170 dogs and 239 cats.

Another 89 cats and dogs were retired to their families.

Jerry’s talk included a slide presentation showing the various areas of the shelter, including two “cat houses” that allow cats to freely roam. He also noted that an effort continues to catch, spay or neuter feral cats, then return them to the outdoors.

Gary Hopper gives update on Casino Night. Photo by Guenter Riegler.

The major source of the Society’s income (45%) from The Ark, the thrift store located at the roundabout, just south of Fort Bragg. Society services to the public include: animal adoption truck, electronic tagging of animals and spay and neuter clinics.

What do give to the Humane Society?  You can send an email to: or visit them on the web at http://www.MendocinoHumane.Org.

In other news: Gary Hopper updated us on Casino Night and each Rotarian was given four tickets to sell to the Saturday,  April 12, event at Crown Hall in Mendocino.

For tickets, contact Gary Hopper:  jghopper (at)