The GSE visit at the end of April was quite fun and educational. See video highlights.

GSE team members included Tetsuro Ohtake, Yuko Togawa, the GSE Leader Makoto Sone, Makiko Yoda, and Masaki Ishido.

  • Tetsuro “Tex” specializes in International Communication at the Atami Korakuen Hotel.
  • Yuko “Yukes” is an Associate in Liberal Arts and an English-Japanese translator.
  • Makoko “Mako” is a chemist and was Director of the General Institute of Technology.
  • Makiko “Yodie” specializes in gardening and develops new varieties of grass plants at the Yamanashi Farming Experiment Station.
  • Masaki “Mas” studied material precision chemistry, and is now policeman at the Ito Police Station.