Prez Gary opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Guests: Dr. Mike Sandys from NCFHC, and Drew Rhoads, today’s speaker.

Today’s Program:

Drew shared with us the state of the unit after the recent fires in our immediate and larger regions. With the Carr Fire, we had the first “fire tornado” – equivalent to an F2 tornado – which is evidence that we are seeing unprecedented fires in terms of intensity, size, and predictability.

Earlier this year, 100% of Cal Fire resources were deployed for days in a row.

Vegetation management programs are their priority now. They are asking residents to ensure that their roads and driveways have at least 12 feet of clearance, width and height, to allow fire engines to pass through. Homes should have 30 feet of clearance, too. Everything under 10 feet of canopy should come out; forests (and yards) should be fully walkable under the tree canopy to eliminate the fire-fuel ladder.

They are on a cycle to inspect every home every three years throughout the county. Their goal is education, and homeowners will receive an inspection report about any problems found. Homeowners can request inspections by calling 937-5765 or 964-5673.

We had much lively discussion about home inspections, insurance coverage, and related topics.

Happy Dollars:

– Heather is happy

– Gary’s happy because Pete’s back and he won from poker

– Jeff is happy that Port Villa Rotary in Vanuatu is joining our school project

– John C is happy that Sherwood Oaks is fully staffed with nurses and they have a good candidate for Exec Director

New Member Welcome:

Alida Morzenti has officially become a Mendocino Rotary Club member, and received her welcome packet and pin.

Today’s Raffle Winners:

John Porter and Susan Keller, who did not draw the joker so our prize pot will continue to grow!