Next Week: Charter Night at Hill House, 6-9pm (no regular meeting at noon).

Prez-elect Gary Hopper presided over our meeting, as Prez Jody was out ill. Gary opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thought for the Day: (provided by Pete) “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you’re doomed if you don’t try.”

Guest: Bruce Lewis returns from Portland (welcome back, if only for a visit!); Julie Whipple from the Sherrif’s office, and Don Powers from Fish and Wildlife.

Happy Dollars:

  • Bruce is happy to be back, and is enjoying the great weather and this most beautiful place on earth.
  • John C. is happy that Bruce is here….
  • Joe is happy to have Bruce back too!
  • Pete has $27 happy dollars from poker night, says Gary. And Pete says everyone needs to be involved with Casino Night…
  • Dean is happy Bruce is here and that he survived the exciting plane landing in Santa Rosa yesterday.
  • Ray is happy that his new puppy is sleeping through the night!


Next Thursday, 2/25/16, night is Charter Night, 6-9 pm, at the Hill House. There will be no regular meeting that day. Deadline on meal choices is Monday — Gary will email the choice list to everyone, so please respond by Monday!

Pete announced that Casino Night will by May 7, and we need lots of help getting raffle prizes and gifts together.

Jerry announced that March 27, 2016 we will host an Easter Egg Hunt at Rotary Park. Jerry needs volunteers to provide, boil and color about 6 dozen eggs; they’ll use both real and plastic eggs. Jerry will provide a sign up sheet for volunteer roles. Park clean-up needs to happen 3-4 days ahead of time (Matt has volunteered for this), and Interact volunteers will hide the eggs.

Ray announced that our Adopt-a-Highway cleanup will be this Saturday, 2/20/16, starting at 10am. Meet in front of Mendosa’s Hardware store… we need 10-12 volunteers to cover our full territory by noon and have a celebratory beverage at Dick’s place.

Today’s Program:

Sean served as Finemaster, teaching us the following facts:

  • Mendocino County was established in 1859.
  • PALS stands for Police Activities League.
  • PALS was founded in 1971.
  • The Mendocino County PALS was established in 1986.
  • The fundraising run for PALS on the coast is held at Big River.
  • The PALS fishing clinic is held in the Moura Pond.
  • The president of Mendocino PALS is Joel Hendrix.
  • The oldest state law enforcement agency is Fish and Game (1850).
  • You are allowed to harvest 18 abalone per year in CA.
  • The Mendocino County wardens confiscate annually 1,000 abalone on the Mendocino coastline.

Sean introduced Julie Whipple and Don Powers, representing the Mendocino Coast Police Activities League (PAL). Sean learned about PAL when last year’s fishing clinic was held, and was very impressed with the positive impact this had on all who were involved. PAL provides healthy, wonderful activities for kids, preschool though 18 years of age.

Don Powers has been a Fish and Game warden here on the Mendocino Coast for about 10 years. He was asked what happens when equipment is seized — a judge decides if it’s going to be confiscated or given back. If confiscated, it goes to PAL to sell for fundraising.

Julie Whipple is a Sherriff Services Technician in Mendocino County, and she volunteers her time to PAL. PAL builds positive bonds between peace officers and children. PAL started locally in 1986, and is fully run by volunteers. It started as FBPD’s program, and then grew when the Sherriff’s office took it over in 1998. Find more information at

Most PALs are run by single agency; ours is unique in having so many agencies involved. Our local league does not include as much focus on sports as some other PALs, though they are adding archery this year.

Sherriff’s office, wardens, CalFire, Coast Guard, Fire Depts, EMS, Highway Patrol, DA’s office, FB PD, CDC and more are involved in PALS. All money raised by this nonprofit goes to children’s events. In addition to their annual fishing clinic, they host runs, holiday parties, bicycle safety programs (bike rodeo), bicycle repair programs, and other events. Kids get a free lunch at most events.

Don shared a slide show — May 28 is the date for this year’s fishing clinic. Funding comes from dive gear sales, and their Big River Run. PAL’s Bike Rodeo will be June 11 — they give away 8 new bicycles during the event, helmets to all who need them, and raffle prizes.

They have about 250-300 kids show up for each event. They advertise events via flyers to schools, their website and Facebook page. All events are free to the kids!

At the race, kids ran a 1/4 mile and got a t-shirt and finisher’s ribbon. The adult race is a 5K, 10K and half marathon. July 16 is this year’s date for the Big River Run. They’re looking for volunteers and sponsors for the race. Parking is away from the run site, with shuttle transportation for runners. They’ll need volunteers for parking.

Q&A: Confiscated abalone often are donated to nonprofit organizations in Mendocino County for fundraisers. The local Abalone Watch group disbanded last year.

Today’s Raffle Winners: Don Powers and Ray.

“Go out there and do something good,” Gary’s parting words.