Prez Jody opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a song.

Visiting Rotarians: Bill Eames, Lafayette Rotary.

Guest: Eula Lenihan; Richard Green; Jim Gay, former Kiwanis President from Fort Bragg (club disbanded). Artists John Hewitt, Juan Pena from Colfax, Carolyn Lord and her husband Rob Anguin.

Happy Dollars:
– Matt is happy that there is now a picnic table at Rotary Park from Gary Garcia (former Rotarian).
– Lindsay is very happy that the 3rd Annual Plein Air Paint Out is currently happening.
– Pete for some reason is happy about a recent poker game…
– Sean is happy to be home from a cross-country drive in a UHaul, completed in 3 days with his spouse. If you haven’t tried this, he recommends it to everyone!
– John P is happy to announce that the Club directory is finally printed, and it looks great. Order through John if you’d like a hard copy.
– John C. is happy that Dr. Harris is back to work.

Diane Maxey of Harvest Market did a lot of work for our Golf Tournament; Jody is passing around a thank you card for everyone to sign to send to her.

Jody announced that we’re invited to Rotary of Rohnert Park annual golf tourney, October 30, 10:30 a.m., with a Halloween theme.

The Fort Bragg Rotary club has challenged our club to an ice water bucket challenge. Next steps??

Next Thursday’s 9/17/15 Board meeting will be a joint meeting with our Rotary Foundation Board. A draft MOU will be discussed and voted on. All are invited. Bring $20 for lunch and meet us at the Mendocino Hotel at noon.

Winesong needs more volunteers, contact Travis if you can help out.

Today’s Program:
Lindsay Shields introduced our speakers for today, who are three artists participating in theĀ 3rd Annual Open Air Paint Out this weekend, hosted by the Mendocino Art Center. Artists from all over are participating. Our three celebrity artists (and today’s presenters) this year are John Hewitt, Juan Pena and Carolyn Lord.

The Paint Out includes evening presentations and raffles of the day’s paintings: 2pm and 7pm today, and 2pm tomorrow. Friday night there is judging of the artwork. Saturday is the big party and awards. Saturday afternoon is the “Quick Draw” on Main Street from 11am to 1pm, and following that, from 2-5 pm the community gets to vote on the amazing art.

Lindsay introduced John Hewitt, former local Emergency Room doctor, now retired from medicine and a full time artist. John said that an artist from Florida is responsible for bringing this year’s lovely weather… His estimate of the economic benefit to this community due to this event is between $150K-$200K from all the guests, lodging, meals, purchased art, etc.

Juan Pena and John shared the same art teacher back in college, though at slightly different times. Juan said that these open air paint out events are a great opportunity for community members to see great artists in action. The artists appreciate a good turnout. Juan says this is one of his favorite spots in the world to come and paint.

Carolyn Lord is a retired Rotary spouse, so she really gets what we are all about. Both Los Gatos and Denver Rotary clubs sponsor local plein air art festivals, so they encouraged us to consider sponsoring our localĀ event. She loves painting the local historic architecture and natural scenery.

Carolyn’s husband (and former Rotarian) Rob Anguin elaborated on how the plein art event was a great fundraiser for the Los Gatos Rotary club. We should consider contacting them if we want to get involved in an art event again.

Friday 6-8 pm there’s a reception for the celebrity artists — let Lindsay know if you want to come.

58 artists are participating this year. Go to for more details.

It was a mistake this year that the event falls on the same weekend as Winesong — that scheduling conflict won’t happen again.

At 2pm today there’s an Erin Dertner demonstration at the Art Center.

Today’s Raffle Winners: Jody and Jerry.

“Remember, your work as a Rotarian doesn’t end here, it just started.” -Jody