Next week: Michael Fox, Executive Director of the Mendocino Film Festival, will give us a sneak peek of this year’s offerings (the Film Festival is May 29 – June 1, 2014).

 Photos by Guenter

Notes from our meeting on 5/1/14:

President-elect John reminds club about ordering t-shirts

President-elect John Cottle opened our Rotary meeting, and after our guests were introduced, he shared this thought of the day:  “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.  At least they’ll be barefoot and a mile away!”


Our guests today were Meg Wilson (who works with Pam Hudson), and John Turnbull (our speaker for the day, and a Paul Harris Fellow!).


Not only are we the friendliest club on the coast, I bet we are the happiest, too. Happy Dollars report:

–       Jody: going to Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier and more with family for 3 weeks. Bon Voyage!

–       Pam: (sad dollars) her mom is not doing well, please send healing thoughts her way.

–       Jennifer: today is the 29th anniversary of Harvest Market in Fort Bragg.

–       Dean: his wife’s sister is visiting.

–       Gary: the A’s are leading the division (I think I heard someone say Go Giants!)

Lindsay Shields offers:”The Art Center is out of debt.”

Lindsay: the Mendocino Art Center is now debt-free, and in the black! Hooray!

–       John C.: the horseshoe tourney at Dean’s was great fun.

–       Harold: the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse Lantern Room tours are this Saturday – go check it out! – and also, his granddaughter was in a play and did very well.

–       Travis: Jennifer’s daughter performed a great solo.


Several members were nabbed during the Rotary pin check!  And a reminder to all: your name badge does not count for wearing your Rotary pin…


Sunshine report: Joe Sparks’ daughter (granddaughter? Sorry if I got this wrong…) was injured in an industrial accident.  Please keep their family in your thoughts.


Board meeting reminder: Monday, May 5, 10:00 a.m. at the Mendocino Hotel.  Current and future Board members are encouraged to attend.  Lunch will be served at the end of the meeting; please bring $10 for the lunch.


Planning for the 4th of July fundraiser is underway.  Please contact Bonnie Kintner to help out.


Send your t-shirt orders by email to LaDonna!  These are very attractive blue shirts with our Rotary Park logo on the front, and Rotarian At Work in yellow writing on the back.  $20 for short-sleeves, $25 for long-sleeves.  You may pay when the shirts are delivered.


Debunking of our fearless leader LaDonna will take place on the evening of June 27, 2014 – location to be announced.  Cocktails at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m.


John Turnbull discusses disaster relief overseas

John Porter introduced his good friend and our speaker, John Turnbull.  John has participated in disaster relief efforts in Haiti, Mississippi, Crescent City, Japan, and most recently, the Philippines.  He shared many photos and his experiences in helping residents after the strongest hurricane ever recorded.  A few key points:

–       Hiring and training locals is the key to a successful recovery effort.

–       John works with several organizations – Sun Baptist Disaster Relief, Pathfinder, Samaritans First, and Children’s Hope – whomever calls him first to participate.

–       The Rotary Four-Way Test applies to all efforts.


Raffle winners (of our loveliest I.O.U.’s) were: Sean Leland (the new Harold!), and, ironically, Harold Hauck.  Congrats (again)!

 Other Photos:


John Porter

See you next week!