Mendocino Rotary organizes several fundraisers each year to raise money for several local and international projects, including scholarships to students at Mendocino High School.

A special committee of Rotarians meets, evaluates each application based on a number of established criteria, and then makes awards in various amounts to college and trade school-bound students.

2009 Recipients

  • Hannah Daniel
  • Caitlin Green
  • Athena Nicole Georganas
  • Alex Carleton
  • Christina Rzeplinski
  • Jessiah Mellott

Sandbothe Scholarship:

  • Keono Raye Lara

E. John Robinson Art Scholarship:

  • Mia Johnson

Art Scholarships

  • Laurel Livezey
  • Amarda Moyer

2008 Recipients

  • Taylor Anderson
  • Taylor Dunbar
  • Robert Binyon
  • Phillip Kling
  • Abraham Cohen
  • May Martin
  • Natalie Cox
  • Kristen Williams

2007 Recipients

  • Serena Acker
  • Taylor Taff
  • Matthew Defer
  • Anbandi Van Diepen
  • Diva Gallo
  • Rosalie Winslow
  • Phillip Kling
  • Katherine Wright
  • Rose Muto