We’re a friendly group of women and men, who are dedicated to the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self.”

Mendocino Rotarians are part of a worldwide organization of 1.2 million individuals dedicated to improving our local communities and supporting global humanitarian efforts such as ending polio and providing disaster relief. Whereever you go in the world, you’re likely to find and Rotary Club. And, when you walk into any one of the 32,000 clubs, you are welcomed and treated like a friend.

The following information is a bit dry. But it gives you an idea of how the new membership process operates. You’ll note that we ask prospective members to attend three Rotary meetings before applying for membership. That’s because want to familiarize you with Rotary and let you decide if Rotary is something you want to be part of.

We have great lunch programs, great fundraisers and contribute locally and internationally to some wonderful projects.

The Nuts and Bolts of Joining Rotary

New members are proposed by an existing member. However, if you have an interested in joining the local Rotary Club, but don’t know a member, please send an email to our public relations chair, Bruce Lewis: bruce@prwebsite.com. Here’s how the new member process works:

1.   We identify someone who could be a prospective member

2.   We invite prospective member to Lunch #1 (Rotary Member pays)

3.   We invite prospective member, if interested, back to Lunch #2 (Club pays)

4.   After lunch, we ask if a prospective member would be interested in an invitation to join.  If “yes”, we gather the information and ask them to fill out a short application (basic information).

Note: various Rotary booklets are handed to prospective members so they know something about Rotary.

5. Application information is submitted  to the club secretary, who will prepare to get board approval after third lunch.

6. Invite prospective member back for Lunch #3 (Club Pays)

7. Ask prospective member to sign if interested and permit publication to club.

Enjoy lunch, allow interest & name to be published, and take away card.

8. Attend orientation breakfast: new member attends breakfast with spouse/partner with his/her sponsor and club officer.

9. Club president extends formal invitation.

10. Sponsor assists President and Membership Chair in Induction.

Basically, you attend three meetings, decide if you want to join, and fill out an application.