Rotary International of Mendocino International Service Committee is chaired by Jeff Stubbs.

We are currently supporting development projects in Fiji and Vanuatu, both in the South Pacific. Fiji is a middle-income developing country with a well-established middle class, very good services in most parts of the country and many Rotary clubs while Vanuatu is a low-income developing country with a very small middle class with very good services in the capital of Port Vila and very limited services elsewhere. It has only two Rotary clubs. Both countries comprise volcanic islands and have a tropical climate similar to that of Hawaii. In these two countries we have supported village water supply projects, rebuilt a school and a bus stand, constructed a toilet block and protective fence for a very poor school located in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, and helped construct a tourist lookout in Savusavu, Fiji. We have travelled on numerous occasions to both countries, and we have worked with two New Zealand clubs, two Vanuatu clubs, two Fiji clubs and two other United States clubs. In 2023 we plan to visit Fiji, and in 2024 Vanuatu, in both cases to do fact-finding for new projects which we may want to support. In addition to the projects that we support in these two countries we have also provided humanitarian relief for persons affected by war and natural disasters in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Haiti, and Tonga.