E. John Robinson (1932-2008)
Featured Artist for the 2009 Art Auction & Raffle

38th Annual E. John Robinson Mendocino Art Auction
“Supporting Youth and Community”

E. John Robinson joined the Rotary Club of Mendocino in 1971. Among the goals of the club at that time was to provide scholarships to deserving Mendocino High School seniors. E. John suggested the Club hold an Art Auction and Raffle to meet this goal, and that a scholarship be awarded to an art student. This event has progressively expanded, and is now providing as many as fifteen scholarships each year to deserving students, preserving all forms of study. This was the start of the very successful Mendocino Art Auction and Raffle, now celebrating its 39th Anniversary.

E. John died in November 2008. To honor him the Rotary Club of Mendocino has renamed the event the E. John Robinson Art Auction and Raffle. As part of this honor, last year E.  John was our Featured Artist for the Auction.  In addition, one of his paintings, entitled The Sea of Life, was highlighted in our promotional materials. This fresco can be viewed at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Mendocino. It was painted for the church by E. John in 1985. By the Sea fragment by Janis Porter

The Mendocino Art Auction is the Rotary Club of Mendocino‘s principal fundraising event. Mendocino Rotary has proven for 38 years that “Art Can Make a Difference” in supporting youth and community. The proceeds from the auction and the sale of raffle tickets are returned to the communities of the North Coast as a variety of grants and scholarships. Deserving students receive help with their college tuition, and we sponsor both incoming and outgoing exchange students. Grants are also awarded to a variety of local non-profit organizations working in the areas of youth, health, safety and cultural enrichment. A major role of Rotary is to give back to the community.

The Mendocino Rotary Club, sponsor of the Mendocino Art Auction, is also a sponsor of the Mendocino Summer Arts Showcase. The Arts Showcase is a cooperative venture of Rotary, the Mendocino Music Festival, the Mendocino Art Center, the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, the Gloriana Musical Theatre, and WineSong!.