12/15/16, Gloriana Carolers

Prez Gary opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.   Guest: John Pless, Brandt's new partner is from Sedona and before that Georgia, and is joining Fort Bragg’s Rotary Club. Also a guest today: Jim's wife Cheryl.   Gary's [...]

12/8/16, Christmas Trivia

Prez Gary opened, as always, with the Pledge of Allegiance.   Thought for the Day: A life spent making mistakes is not any more honorable, but is more useful than doing nothing. -George Bernard Shaw.   Today's Program Jody presented [...]

12/1/16, Interact Club visit

Today's meeting was opened by Interact Club President Olivia Grinberg.   Visiting Rotarians: Karsten and Suzanne Zehm from Germany, and Eric Miller, President of the Fort Bragg Rotary Club.   Guests: Serena Acker, Principal Tobin Hahn. And Interact club members. [...]

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