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The View – 1/15/15

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Next week: Bruce Lewis will cover Club member trivia. Come find out all you didn’t know about your fellow Rotarians! Prez John Cottle opened our meeting with [...]

The View – 1/8/15

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Happy new year, and welcome back to The View! Next week: Matt O’Halloran will lead a Rotary Park visioning session.  Please come to share all of your [...]

The View – 12/18/14

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Next two weeks: we are DARK for Christmas and New Year’s Day. Our next regular meeting will be January 8, 2015.  See you next year! Prez John [...]

The View – 12/4/14

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Next week: our Adopt-a-Highway training and orientation! John P will present the program. We’d love to have everyone come — it’s required for anyone who wants to [...]

The View – 11/20/14

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Next week:  We are DARK for Thanksgiving. Our next regular meeting will be Dec. 4, featuring Walt McKeown on comets. Prez John Cottle started us off with [...]

The View – 11/13/14

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Prez John Cottle opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Thought for the Day:  “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!” — from Milton Berle, shared by [...]

The View – 11/6/14

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Next week: Our Club’s budget will be presented to the membership.  Be sure to attend this one to understand where we are, financially speaking, and the funds we [...]

The View – 10/30/14

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Next week: Be sure to attend for the most exciting meeting we’ve ever had! President-elect Jody Stickels opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Thought for the [...]

The View – 10/23/14

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Prez John Cottle opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Thought for the Day: There are 4 boxes that secure your freedom: the soap box, the [...]

The View – 10/16/14

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Next week:  We will have a review of our club’s budget so that everyone can better understand the financial implications of our choices around fundraising activities and [...]

The View – 10/2/14

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Next Week: Our regular meeting on October 9 will be an EVENING MEETING, 7:00 p.m. at the Hill House.  “Significant” appetizers, beer and wine will be served, [...]

The View – 9/25/14

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The View 9/25/14 Next Week: Annie Liner will join us to talk about the Mendocino Coast Child Abuse Council, and the prevention of child abuse. President John [...]

The View – 9/11/14

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Next week: Trish Ross, volunteer chaplain at MCDH, will talk about midwife training programs in Sierra Leone. Acting President Jody Stickel presided over today’s meeting, and opened with the [...]

The View – 8/28/14

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Next week: An exciting facilitated discussion of the future of Rotary Park – what do we want our Park to be for the community, and what types of [...]

The View – 8/21/14

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Next week: David Cummings will talk to us about economics — specifically, the dollar as reserve currency. Prez John Cottle opened the meeting with the pledge of [...]

The View – 8/7/14

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Next week: The Collective Wisdom of Mendocino Rotary, Part 1: Career transitions, an interactive presentation by Heather Paulsen and Kevin Williams. This week’s meeting was called to [...]