An Invitation to Support Mendocino Rotary 2021-05-17T13:54:09-08:00


Mendocino Rotary is a club of about 25 community leaders uniting for the common good. Our differing capabilities, experiences and personalities give us a unique perspective. Our shared passion for service enables us to accomplish the remarkable. We recently we improved Rotary Park and used it to provide an evening of Christmas caroling, an Easter egg hunt and support for the Fourth of July celebrations. We carried out community services which included improving the historical archives of Ford House, removing trash from Highway 1, providing school supplies for disadvantaged children and winter clothing for homeless persons, and providing scholarships for outstanding students in our local high schools. We have helped rebuild a school destroyed in a cyclone and provided water supplies and environmental improvements in remote villages of Vanuatu and Fiji, both in the South Pacific. Our members donated funds to support Rotary International’s campaign for the eradication of polio and we recently made a donation of $2,500 to the Mendocino Coast Children’s fund to help mitigate the impacts of the novel coronavirus.

We are pleased to announce that we are about to begin grading, development of pathways and installation of sponsor stones in Rotary Park. Our intent is to have the upgraded park ready for use shortly. We recently worked with Mendocino County to get the drains cleared around the Park. We have received a grant of $50,000 from the Bishoff Fund administered by the Community Foundation of Mendocino, which will be used to improve Rotary Park.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced us to cancel our normal weekly lunch meetings, but we are holding meetings using electronic conferencing. We are also meeting with other non-profits operating in the Mendocino area to develop a proposal for fighting the novel coronavirus.

Now send a check, in the most GENEROUS amount, that you can afford, and be a major part of Mendocino Rotary’s pledge to help rebuild and improve our community’s efforts in battling the coronavirus.  Become a PROUD helper in this effort.



Mendocino Rotary Club